Our Publications

San Antonio Construction News, our first printed publication, was founded in 1998. The goal was to provide the local construction industry a publication entirely focused on San Antonio’s construction personnel, companies and projects covering an eight-county metropolitan region. Starting with only eight-pages in the inaugural October 1998 issue, San Antonio Construction News has continued to evolve and has grown into a well-recognized and reputable publication throughout the San Antonio market. In June 2001, Austin Construction News published its first issue and experienced immediate industry acceptance. Located in the State Capitol of Texas, this sister publication is the hub of coverage for legislative changes affecting the industry. Additionally, Special Features like our Extending the Reach series are published on a periodic basis and are included with the Austin or San Antonio papers.

Our Editorial Standards

The goal of the owners and the entire staff Construction News team is to continuously provide quality stories, information and exposure about the Texas construction industry in an easy-to-read format in our printed and digital versions of each paper.

Both newspapers use the same editorial guidelines and content mix while providing readers with the most comprehensive local coverage of the construction, design and engineering industries in each metropolitan area.

Trade and professional associations are the heart of this industry and Construction News covers the activities of over 90 state and local chapters through our newspapers in addition to national association coverage.

Readers from all over the world can stay up-to-date with the ever-changing construction industry in Texas by viewing current and archive issues here on ConstructionNews.net, or by signing up for our Digital Subscription Program.

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